Cobar Biohub products

Who would have thought

Invasive Native Scrub

could be re-purposed?

High Grade Charcoal

This is one of the main products coming out of the Cobar biohub.

Some species of INS produce the highest grade charcoals in the world.

Not only does this renewable charcoal replace non renewable coal but it results in a higher grade of steel!


It is all contracted to the major manufacturers so sorry, it's not available for your next BBQ.

Image:Armando Ascorve Morales at unsplash
Image:Armando Ascorve Morales at unsplash

Specialty timbers

Some of the wood brought in is large enough to be cut in to timbers. These timbers are priceless because they are so hard and beautiful and are prized for boutique furniture, decorative items and for musical instruments.

To minimise waste of these precious timbers - which Mother Nature has taken so long to grow - we are turning some of the standard timber industry methods on their heads. Think differently!

Go to Red Earth Timbers , the dedicated Specialty Timber web site here

Photo by Samuel Ramos on Unsplash
Photo by Samuel Ramos on Unsplash
Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash
Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash

Biochar Fertiliser

Lack of carbon in soils is a major concern worldwide because  we are so busy cropping and burning and not getting carbon back in to the soil.

Carbon in the soil is important for water retention, maintaining Ph balance and providing  micro spaces and food for plant roots, fungus and bacteria.

The Cobar biohub is producing biochar - charcoal derived from biomass- and adding this to fertilisers.

Carbon in this charcoal form does not break down for 1-2,000 years so the benefits are very long term.

If you do not believe us check it where the Aztecs used it to grow food in the poor Amazon soils  here

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are oils removed from plants by steam distillation.

Most INS species make compounds to discourage insects, fungus or other plants and some of these compounds can be extracted,

Some of these extractives can be used in perfumes,  for medicinal purposes or as solvents.

Renewed Carbon is researching these for commercialisation.

Stay tuned!



Nothing is wasted.

All the remaining biomass, including wood residue from the saw milling, essential oil extraction, sawdust from charcoal production is used to generate electricity for use by the processing facility and charging the biohub's electric vehicles.