full time jobs

Employment Opportunities

INS Removal and transport

  • 20 x Machine operators - excavators, road trains, loaders, shredder
  • 10 x A double road train drivers
  • 3 x Mechanic with mobile repair vehicle and central workshop
  • 6 x Mechanic assistant (apprentice)

Specialty Timbers

(Red Earth Timbers)

  • 1 x Specialty timbers manager
  • 1 x Sawyer (one man double edger and gang saw)
  • 2 x Sawmill assistants (stacking, forklift)
  • 1 x Timber machinist (planing, grading, kiln operations)
  • 2 x Timber machinist assistant (planing, cutting, sanding, packing, dispatch)


  • 1 x Site Manager (organisation, maintenance, standards)
  • 3 x Site Assistant (site, equipment and vehicle cleaning, maintenance)
  • 2 x Timber sorter
  • 4 x Loader and forklift operators
  • 4 x biomass handler 
  • 12 x Charcoal plant operators
  • 12 x Electricity generation operators

Admin. & Management

  • 1 x Operations Manager
  • 1 x Harvesting Manager
  • 1 x Human Resources
  • 1 x Accountant
  • 1 x Bookeeper 
  • 1 x Reception
  • 1 x IT


Cobar: a Liveable Town

Cobar has been a mining town for decades and has good facilities.

Great schools, recreation amenities, community, places to eat.

Watch this space for the 'Liveable Cities' incentives coming up for you to move to Cobar.


  • The facility is 5km east of Cobar, NSW, Australia
  • Cobar is a town of 4,000 people and is between Dubbo and Broken Hill
  • Cobar Wikipedia
  • Cobar Website

Employment conditions

  • Well above award pay rates
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Training provided for specialist skills (e.g. Kiln drying)
  • Professionally managed HR, OH&S, Training
  • Smoke and mobile phone free workplace
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