The Process

From first contact to the end of INS harvesting

You give us a call, visit us at the office in Cobar when you are in town, send an email, or apply on-line.  Then we can start the conversation.  Go to the contact page for all the details

Go through our agreement, get legal advice, talk to us, talk to friends, talk to others who have dealt with us...whoever. When you are comfortable,  we sign the agreement which outlines our responsibilities to each other.

We give you access to our members area in the computer system where you can track the approvals process, any generated documents and eventually the progress of harvesting and  when, where and how much we are harvesting.

Then we carry out any vegetation surveys required using satellite imagery and site visits with you to confirm the areas of interest for both the regulatory applications and our future harvesting scheduling.

The INS removal application for INS removal goes to the Local Land Services. They review it in consideration of all the government acts, such as the Biodiversity Act, Endangered Species Legislation etc. Ultimately you as the Landholder are obtaining the approvals but we will help where we can to make the process easier for you.

Once the application is approved we schedule the harvesting  based on the biohub's volume and species requirements. Just prior to harvesting our Harvesting Manager will come out to see you and go over access, trailer transfer areas, and what you can expect from our staff and operations. 

While harvesting is underway you can use your member access to see where the satellite tracked equipment and transport is on your property in real time. You can also see in real time how much INS is being removed.