Landholder Benefits

Your weed is our crop

Increased productivity

Increase gross margins >290% by removing INS and diversifying with grazing and cropping

Huge cost savings

Save up to $110/ac of clearing costs

Property values

Get up to 300% increase in property values after INS removal

What Renewed Carbon does for you

Once you apply to have INS removed from your property we will

  • sign an agreement with you
  • utilise your Property Vegetation Plan for INS if you have one
  • if no PCP help develop a Code Compliant Certificate application to  Local Land Services
  • Work with you to map where you need INS removed, what areas are retained and fit this in with your current and future farm operations.
  • we then harvest according to the harvesting approvals requirements
We will harvest
ha /yr

What you do for us

Sign our agreement (totally transparent)

  • Work with us to
    • confirm on the ground the INS as per the vegetation survey
    • develop the INS removals applications and mapping if not  subject to a PVP
    • apply to Local Land Services for INS clearing approval
    • gain machinery access to the harvesting areas
Saving up to
$ /yr
for landholders

Landholders Frequently Asked Questions